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Customer's Voice

Helpful when I was having trouble with my teeth during pregnancy

When I was carrying my first child I developed a severe tooth ache. Because I could not take painkillers or antibiotics, I had to suffer through the pain until I started using Primacy...
28, Female Homemaker, Tokyo

Makes my smile look and feel better

I was surprised after using Primacy for the first time that my teeth actually felt smoother. It was as if the dirt had somehow been removed and replaced by Primacy's clean gel...
38, Female, Office Worker, Kanagawa Prefecture

Beautify your smile with Primacy mouth care gel

The new form of daily oral care

Primacy’s powerful ion solution removes plaque
and the harmful bacteria that cause bad breath.
Refreshing, and made from all natural ingredients,
Primacy is more than just a tooth care product.
It’s a total mouth care solution.

Primacy brings out your natural beauty.