Damask ROSE 120g


Damask ROSE 120g  (P9992)

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Family-size bottle will last for up to four months of regular daily use.
Helps remove stains, plaque, clean tough to reach areas, and eliminate harmful bacteria. Premium gel is formulated using the finest damask rose essential oil from Bulgaria.

What makes damask rose essential oil different from any other rose extract?

Rosa Damascena, also known as the Bulgaria and Turkish rose is grown according to techniques that have been handed down from one generation to the next by Bulgarian producers for over 300 years. Special conditions ensure that every rose produced has the same deep rosy fresh aroma. Every detail, including the temperature at the time of flowering, air quality, soil nutrients and the type of soft water given is controlled.
All roses are hand picked during the brief harvest season. It takes over 4 tons of damask rose petals to produce just 1 kilogram of essential oil.

[Product Name] Primacy Mouth Care “Damask Rose”

[Ingredients] Cellulose gum, ionized water, essential rose oil

[Volume] 120g


Rise mouth with water before use, apply small amount of gel to toothbrush, brush gently on teeth, gums, and tongue. After brushing, rinse with water.


Should not be used simultaneously with toothpaste.
If abnormalities appear in mouth after use, please consult your doctor.
Close the cap correctly after use.
Keep away from heat and moisture.
If exposed to eyes, please rinse eyes with water immediately without rubbing.

[Country of origin] Japan
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