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Handy-size bottle will last for up to one month of regular daily use.
Helps remove stains, plaque, clean tough to reach areas, and eliminate harmful bacteria. Premium gel is formulated using the finest mint essence from America.

The refreshing taste of natural mint?

Have you ever bitten into a fresh mint leaf and felt the burst of flavor and aroma fill your senses? Nothing comes close to the refreshing power of mint, except Primacy gel. Primacy uses the best mint extract from the USA in all its mint flavored products.

[Product Name] Primacy Mouth Care “Mint”

[Ingredients] Cellulose gum, ionized water, mint

[Volume] 30g


Rise mouth with water before use, apply small amount of gel to toothbrush, brush gently on teeth, gums, and tongue. After brushing, rinse with water.


Should not be used simultaneously with toothpaste.
If abnormalities appear in mouth after use, please consult your doctor.
Close the cap correctly after use.
Keep away from heat and moisture.
If exposed to eyes, please rinse eyes with water immediately without rubbing.

[Country of origin] Japan
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