Primacy brings out your natural beauty.

A clean and healthy mouth enhances your overall well-being while smooth and shiny white teeth will make your smile beautiful and confident. Primacy really is both a beauty and health enhancer.

White Smile

A beautiful smile is so important

Nothing reflects your inner beauty and health like a pristine pearly smile

It is so important to make a great first impression with a nice smile.
Primacy is perfect for bringing out your natural beauty.
It makes your teeth whiter, smoother, and more lustrous.


A healthy smile is a healthy body

Oral hygiene is crucial to overall health

We take for granted how much we use our mouths. From eating 3 meals a day to talking to colleagues, friends, family, and, of course, our loved ones, we use our mouth as much as any part of our body. That is why it is so important to keep it healthy and happy. Primacy cares for your mouth on several levels. It takes away unwanted plaque and tartar, kills bacteria, and freshens our breath. More importantly, it is gentle on teeth and gums, keeping your teeth smooth and healthy.

Bad oral hygiene has been linked to many diseases

Over the past 10 years research has linked periodontal, or gum disease, to many other diseases such as heart and vascular disease, arteriosclerosis, and diabetes. That is why it is crucial to eliminate the bacteria that cause gum disease.

For Seniors

Primacy also works great for those with dentures. It eliminates odors and keeps breath fresh.

For Kids

Primacy is made from all natural ingredients and is safe for infants as well as children of all ages. Great for children with sensitive teeth or gums

For Pets

Pets also have to clean their teeth! We recommend using Primacy for your pets once a week. It is safe for your pet to ingest.