Are dogs less susceptible to gum disease?

Your average pet dog’s saliva has a pH balance of 8.5 to 9, compared to the average human balance of 6.5 to 7. Because of this high acidity, a dog is less likely to suffer from gum disease because the bacteria do not breed as well under these conditions.

This does not mean however, that dogs do not get gum disease, or that they are immune to other bacteria that cause bad breath. In fact, depending on breed, domesticated dogs can be more likely to contract gum disease. Dogs are also susceptible to plaque and tartar buildup.

Primacy is ideal for pets as it is easy to apply and can be ingested safely. It is recommended that you apply Primacy once a week to your pet’s gums and teeth. If your pet suffers from a greater degree of tartar or plaque buildup, use every 3-5 days for roughly a month until the tartar naturally comes off. It is easier on your pet than brushing with regular pet toothpaste, which can be invasive.

Using Primacy on your pet regularly will greatly improve your pet’s oral hygiene and save you trips to the vet to get your pet’s teeth cleaned.


Primacy will protect your
beloved pet's teeth and gums

Merit 1

Made from all natural ingredients and safe for pets if swallowed.

Merit 2

Can easily be applied with your fingers without an intrusive brush.

Merit 3

No need for it to be rinsed away.


Your pet not a fan of brushes?

1 Apply the gel to gauze, your finger, or a cotton swab.
2 Brace your pet's head with one hand. Use other hand's index finger to raise the lips and expose the teeth. Use your middle finger to apply the gel.
3 It is fine not to rinse your pet's mouth

If your dog likes brushes

1 Put a few drops of Primacy on your dog's tooth brush.
2 Roll back your dog's lips and brush lightly, paying close attention to the area with tartar.
3 Rinsing is optional.

If your pet is reluctant to let you use Primacy, gradually familiarize your dog to the fragrance and texture by putting a few drops on your finger and letting your pet smell it. Gradually, start to put the gel on the front of the mouth near the canines. Once your pet is comfortable, work your way to the back of the mouth and gums. Be patient, your dog will eventually trust the process.