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The natural pH balance and anti-germ fighting ability tends to decrease in seniors

In seniors, the gums tend to have less ability to fight off the bacteria that cause bad breath and tooth decay. This arises from a lack of saliva, decreased muscle strength and a smaller oral cavity. Therefore, it is easier for dirt, and bacteria to accumulate.

As the chart on the right shows, even when you do clean your teeth everyday they may still be host to dirt and bacteria. For seniors it is imperative to take extra care of their teeth.

Decreased ability to fight gum disease in seniors

Seniors’ decreased ability to fight bacteria related to gum disease puts them at a greater risk to contract pneumonia and other respiratory disease.

In the mouth of many seniors, the periodontal pathogens that cause gum disease are breathed down into the trachea where they breed and proliferate into the rest of the body. This constant attack weakens the immune system and causes bodily stress. This is why it is imperative that seniors take extra steps to ensure good oral hygiene.


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