Primacy - What is Primacy

Primacy's 4 effects

In addition to brushing...

1Whitens teeth

Attaches to the dirt that causes stains and revives the natural whiteness of teeth.
Non-abrasive and natural.

2Freshens breath

Primacy is tough on the bacteria that causes bad breath. It neutralizes odors and keeps breath fresh.

3Removes plaque and tartar

Simple brushing will remove even the toughest of plaque and tartar.

4Stops tooth decay

Kills the bacteria that cause tooth decay and restores teeth back to their natural state.

How does Primacy remove stains, plaque and tartar so effectively with only light brushing?

It is based on cuting edge research and technology.

The secret of Primacy's beautifying power is in the ion gel

Ionized water gel washes away even the toughest of stains

Primacy's water gel is filled with negatively charged ions infuzed by electrolysis. It's these ions that strip away dirt.

Negatively charged ions penetrate the surface of the tooth and search for positively charged particles.
Then, the negative ions attach themselves to positively charged bacteria, tartar, and plaque ions. They are then washed away.
Finally, Primacy's ionized gel then fills the enamel with clean ions. The result is a beautiful white stain free surface.