Primacy does not foam like toothpaste. Does this mean nothing is happening?

Unlike tootpaste, Primacy does not act like a detergent, scrubbing away dirt. Rather, Primacy gel's ions bond with dirt on a molecular level and come free naturally from your teeth. It can be used safely in conjunction with your toothpaste if you so choose.

How long does one bottle last?

The 30g size lasts for 1 month with 2 uses a day.
The 120g size for family use is also available.

What is the difference between Primacy and other toothpaste gels and liquids?

Toothpastes work by scrubbing off dirt in an abrasive fashion. Primacy gel uses the power of ion bonding to release dirt, plaque and tarter, as well as bateria. Therefore, Primacy is far more gentle on teeth and gums.

Is Primacy safe for children?

Primacy is made from all natural and safe ingredients. Ingestion will not cause any side effects in small children or adults. All components are ones used in food products so you never have to worry about safety.

Is Primacy safe at any age?

Yes, Primacy is safe for infants, children, and adults of all ages. It is made of entirely natural ingredients.

What does Primacy taste like?

Primacy Rose is made from Damask Rose extract and has a fragrant slightly sweet yet gentle taste.
Primacy Mint is made from the finest mint extract from the USA and has a refreshing and cool natural taste.
Both flavors taste natural. No artificial flavoring is used.

How to use

Can Primacy be used on pets?

Primacy is safe for people and pets. Your pet is part of your family and should recieve equal care. Primacy is safer than regular toothpaste for your pet as it is ingested without harm to your pet's digestive system.

Is it possible to use Primacy without water?

Yes. In fact, it is possible to use Primacy without the use of water or a brush. You can simply apply Primacy with your fingers and then swish the gel around with your tongue.

What kind of toothbrush should you use with Primacy?

It is best to use an every day toothbrush that matches your gum and tooth sensitivity type. Using the same toothbrush as you would for regular toothpaste is perfectly fine.


What is cellulose gum?

Cellulose gum is a compound derived from natural plant extract. It is frequently used as a thickener in food products and cosmetics. It is natural, tasteless and harmless.

What do the ions do in Primacy?

Ions are electrically charged atoms or molecules that either contain a negative or positive charge. Primacy's ions are negative thus bond easily with the positively charged particles of dirt and bacteria. Think static electricity at a really small and painless level!

How can Primacy be so effective with only 3 components?

The core of Primacy's effectiveness is based on the power of its ionized water which bonds with dirt on a molecular level. Dirt is easily and safely pulled away from the tooth with little to no effort based on the power of ionic attraction.

Why does Primacy require no preservatives?

Primacy's ion water has strong alkaline pH level of 12.0±0.5 in which bacteria is unable to survive. Due to bacteria being unable to survive above a pH of 10.5, Primacy requires no preservatives.

Purchase & Shipping

Can I ship Primacy as a gift?

Our online shop can easily accomodate shipping to various locations around the world, whether it is the purchaser's address or not.