Daily Care

Rid tough plaque just by regular brushing

Primacy will remove difficult stains, tartar, and plaque with regular daily brushing. It is very gentle on enamel and gums. It only needs a light application.


  • 1 Rinse mouth with water.
  • 2 Apply 2 to 3 dabs of Primacy to toothbrush.
  • 3 Brush regularly, making sure to apply to gums too.
  • 4 Rinse mouth with water to finish.

Without Water

Primacy doesn't need water to be effective

Primacy can be applied directly with your finger to your teeth, or applied directly from the bottle to your tongue. Simply use your tongue to spread the gel around your mouth. This is great for when a tooth brush and water are not available.


  • 1 Using the pump, apply 2 to 3 dabs on finger.
  • 2 Apply Primacy with your finger to your teeth.
  • 3 Spread around mouth with tongue. Spit out excess.

Tips for brushing with Primacy

Point 1
Using the tips of the brush hairs

start at the top of the teeth at a right angle and stroke to the base to a 45 degree angle, gently stopping at the gums. Repeat this action around the front and back of the teeth.

Point 2
Between the teeth

wiggle the tip of the tooth brush gently between each tooth. Floss after as necessary

Point 3
Brush lightly

to avoid damaging the enamel, always use as much force as you would for a pencil. Primacy will work even without a brush so as far as pressure goes, less is best.

Point 4
Care for your brush!

Always rinse brush with water after use and store in a dry well ventilated location