3 Simple ingredients All natural.

Primacy Ion Water

Active Ions that seek out stains

Ionized water containing large amounts of negative ions penetrate deep into the tooth seeking out dirt, bacteria, and posititvely charged particles. It then washes them away leaving teeth clean and natural.

Cellulose Gel

Fine natural food additive

Cellulose gum is a natural thickening agent derived from plants. It's found in everything from yoghurt to cosmetics.

Natural Rose & Mint Extracts

Natural high quality flavours

The finest Damask rose extract from Bulgaria and the highest quality mint extract from the USA. Both are used in luxury mouth and skin care products.

2 fantastic natural flavours

The Highest Quality Bulgarian Damask Rose and American Mint Extract


Primacy Mint uses the finest quality mint extract. Mint is often used in health care and pharmeceutical products as it freshens and soothes.

Damask Rose

Damask Roses are considered the Queen of Roses. Its extract is renowned for its luxurious and aromatic flavor that is both rich and sweet. Hand-picked according to a 300-year-old Bulgarian tradition, Damask Rose extract adds a fragrance to Primacy Rose that sets it apart.